14 Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell by Springtime

Get Your Home Ready for Winter (in a Weekend!)
December 8, 2016

14 Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell by Springtime

If you’re planning to list in the spring, congratulations! That’s one of the best times to get your home on the market, and it’s great that you’re thinking ahead.

As you prepare mentally for a move, here are some physical things you can do to make sure your home is ready to sell:

  1. Stage your front entrance: Hang a wreath. Purchase a cute welcome mat. Place cheerful potted plants on either side. First impressions really matter here.
  2. Update your landscaping: Nothing says curb appeal like beautifully shaped shrubbery atop a bed of fresh mulch.
  3. Declutter, declutter, declutter the house: The best way to tackle this chore is with some great music and three boxes:  One labeled “toss,” one labeled “donate,” and one labeled “sell.” You’ll likely need more boxes but it’s a start!
  4. Clean cabinets inside and out: This is a simple thing but it will go a long way towards making your home attractive.
  5. Get uber organized with your closets and drawers: Yes, potential buyers will be peeking here.
  6. Clean everything to a polished sheen: If buyers can see their faces in your granite, chances are more likely that they’ll literally see themselves living in your home.
  7. Remove wallpaper: Innovative wallpaper removers have made this job easier in recent years. You can also try steaming it off.
  8. Update paint: You’ve heard it all over HGTV. Neutral paint helps sell homes. Stick to calming whites, beiges, and grays if you can swing it.
  9. Replace carpeting: If your carpeting has stains and/or wear and tear, it’s worth replacing.
  10. Update lighting and other fixtures: There are so many affordable options out there, and it’s amazing what new lighting can do for your look. Same goes for faucets and other fixtures, as well as cabinet hardware.
  11. Make repairs: Now’s the time to fix that cracked window or repair the door handle that’s been driving you crazy for years. At least someone will get to enjoy the fix!
  12. Design each room with its own purpose: This helps people visualize a use for each space. So if you’re currently using an office as a “catchall” for clutter, make sure you turn it back into an office.
  13. Check the “flow”: Do a dry run and make sure that prospects can easily move through your home when they tour it.
  14. Stage your home: Last but nowhere least! Staging sells homes. So look at your home with unbiased eyes and edit it down. Remove personal photos and extraneous objects. The less cluttered, more updated, and less personalized your home looks, the easier it will be for the prospective home buyer to envision himself here.

If the weather is good, plan to list your home near the end of February to beat the large volume of listings that comes soon after. But if our Pittsburgh winter lives up to its snowy forecast, then the end of March is a great target date.

Call Nancy and Julie today for a complimentary walkthrough. We can provide very specific recommendations based on your goals—and let you know what’s worth changing and what’s not.

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